Confirmation Email Ticket N.7710AA. Dr.Robert Christopher

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Confirmation Email Ticket N.7710AA.
Contact Person: Dr.Robert Christopher
Tel: +34-672-864-999

Confirmation Email Ticket N.7710AA,
Batch N. A1000, Serial 64-89-50
Ticket N.7710AA, lucky N.,
Reference Nr.UN11000,

You have won One Million in the Euromillion online sweepstakss
program corporations, held on 11th March 2010 (In Madrid Spain).

This email was sent to notify you officially about the award You are
advise to contact the processing office immediately for claim.

Reply to Email:
Your Full Name, Telephone Number, Age ,Occupation &Nationality

Contact Dr.Robert Christopher.
Email :

Anabel Maria Otero.
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